Depression and Self-Hypnosis

Here are a couple of great links I stumbled across recently.

Cognitive Distortions: The Lies Depression Tells is an excellent article about how depression affects our inner dialogues.

Are you prepared to be Hypnotized… by yourself? is a great ‘self-hypnosis “how-to” for beginners.’ I experimented with self-hypnosis recordings that I made myself a year or two ago. My scripts centered on self-understanding and settling anxiety. The effects were so gradual and natural that I hardly noticed them at the time (which is typical of hypnosis results), but in retrospect I can see that’s when I started making breakthroughs in self-discovery. Hypnosis was also very helpful for physical feelings of intense anxiety that I was experiencing at the time.

While this is a nice article in many respects, don’t worry too much about the recommendations (daily practice, an hour at a time, and never in bed). I broke all those rules and it still worked for me. The most important thing is just to do it.

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