HSP Videos

Here are a few of my favorite HSP-related videos for your viewing enjoyment, or to share with people in your life who may not be ready for the whole movie yet.

Signs You Might be a Highly Sensitive Person

Signs You Might Be Highly Sensitive video- Ane Axford
Ane Axford & friends act out traits of HSPs. This list has some things I hadn’t heard elsewhere – it was the first place I heard that HSPs are often perceived as flirting when they’re not, which explained a lot. I think my favorite is #7. Or maybe it’s #9. Or is it #8?

I most enjoy this video for the list (from 1:50 to 6:00), which is bookended by text that won’t be news to anyone who already identifies as HSP. However, the opening and closing verbiage and humor of this video makes it a good one to gently introduce someone to the sensitive trait.

Are You a Highly Sensitive Type? Relationships, Behaviour and Tips

HSP astrology video
This is a 25-minute video by astrologer Lada Duncheva on HSP indicators in astrological charts. Astrology was the single most useful personality typing system I encountered in the first 50 years of my life, so when I first heard of HSPS, naturally I wondered what that would look like in a chart. I’m a little concerned that wateriness and HSPS often become conflated, so I appreciate the other influences she acknowledges – for me, it’s a lot more about a prominent 12th house.

Highly Sensitive Extroverts

Here are a couple of videos from HSP extroverts, beginning with Stephanie-Dawn Toews. Couldn’t agree more about the fire engines and crying babies! Also with her point about a little criticism going a looooooong way for HSPs.

Highly Sensitive Free Range Humans

I’ve mentioned life/work coach Marianne Cantwell and her Free Range Humans philosophy a number of times on Sensitive Type. Much of her thinking resonates for me, and her issue of the moment is often also mine. You can totally see how Free Range Humans is something an HSP extrovert would come up with. This is her video on the Free Range lifestyle for HSPs.

Elaine Aron on Sensitivity

These three videos are excerpts from a talk Elaine Aron gave in 2013.

1 of 3

In the first segment, Aron discusses research related to sensitivity – in other species as well as in humans. Lots of interesting stuff here. I had to chuckle when Aron opened with the observation that we all have equally valuable things to teach each other (a lot like what I was saying in my recent post, Lead Us Not). I guess people high in empathy prefer lateral relations to hierarchical ones.

2 of 3

This segment discusses 5 ways (give or take) that HSPs need to take care of themselves.

3 of 3

In this segment Aron responds to questions submitted by audience members.

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