Depression is Not a Personality Type

Depression is not a personality type. It is a painful, confusing, exhausting, and PREVENTABLE impairment of the most important organ in your body.

A statue of a sensitive young face. The statue has been broekn and repaired, so that there are cracks, and small pieces missing from the face.

Happy, Shmappy

This entertaining illustrated post by graphic artist Matthew Inman explores happiness fascism, a subject I have addressed once or twice myself. He pillories the vague definition of “happiness,” and compares and contrasts it with meaningfulness, proposing creative flow as a variant of happiness, or at least as a modifier of unhappiness.
An enormous ugly monster chases a small, horned human, saying "I just want you to be happy"
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Take Me Away From All This Death

An empty cicada husk on the palm of a handOver the past few months, my life has been touched by death repeatedly. Cultural icons of my youth are dropping left and right, and I’ve learned a new hesitation to track down old friends and acquaintances. I’ve known elders who commented that everyone they knew was dead or dying, but I hadn’t expected to experience that in middle age. It has suddenly become difficult to ignore the inevitability of my own death, which I had fully expected to go on denying for another two or three decades, at minimum.
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SensitiveType on Facebook

My brain is abuzz with all of the things I read and see that I want to share with you. The backlog is getting too huge to ever catch up, though, so I set up a Facebook page where I can post things that don’t make it into a SensitiveType blog post. Check it out (there’s also a link in the right sidebar).
A screenshot of the SensitiveType Facebook page

Here Comes the Sun

You may not have noticed if your weather is anything like mine, but the Winter Solstice passed about an hour ago. This means the longest night, the bottom of the year to people with SAD, is behind us, and daylight tomorrow will last longer than today. Hang in there.

Graphic of a large sun, with a vine stretching out from it towards the earth

The Nonharmonious Mind in the First Person

Cartoon by Dan Meth of a woman carrying a boulder twice her sizeHere’s a multimedia article with video first person accounts, and great cartoons by Dan Meth. Mental Illness Awareness Week was in October for some people. For others, every week is a mental illness awareness week.


I’ve always believed Van Gogh was a depressive, probably with seasonal affective disorder (complicated by alcohol and perhaps absinthe addiction). This Upworthy post illustrates his instinctive comprehension and reproduction of a principal that still challenges scientists in one of his most famous paintings. What a stirring example of the connection between “neurotic personality” and creativity, which I wrote about recently. I was struck to learn that this painting was one of numerous works representing the view from his asylum window – a window which was barred. Talk about seeing beyond the limitations of the current moment! Don’t miss the video at the bottom of the post.
Van Gogh's painting, starry night, with clouds and stars that swirl