Who answers ads for “rock star” positions?

Seriously – I want to know. People with exceptional (or excessive) self-esteem? Narcissists? People who like a challenge? Only children of doting parents? People with no qualms about lying? Would you answer an ad like that?

When employers advertise for a “rock star [fill in the blank],” what is it exactly that they think they are screening for? And do they realize they are discouraging anyone with the least bit of modesty, or who might tend to undervalue their own skills (which includes most women, and could add up to a lot of perfectly well-qualified people)? Not to mention anyone who has learned to avoid employers that exhibit unrealistic expectations from the get-go. Do they really need their admin or cashier to also be a “rock star”?

Maybe it’s because I live in an area that is Start-up (read: inexperienced management) Central, but I see this in job ads a LOT, and it’s bizarre, right?

Valueless Lesson

A blank mask without a face behind itIt’s so annoying to have to leave a job just when you’re getting good at it. I’d like to at least know what happened with my boss. I have the distinct impression our conflict was about something other than it appeared to be. Unfortunately, Mr. Not So Nice After All Guy isn’t owning up. Is that fair? Yeah, yeah, life ain’t. That doesn’t mean I have to like it.

Supposedly, HSPs have superior intuitive and empathetic perception. I’m not entirely convinced on that point. I have been told more than once that I discerned things a person didn’t even recognize about him/herself, usually long after the fact (and mostly by water signs, but that’s another post). On the other hand, I seem to be singularly blind to red flags in an employment context. Continue reading

Networking for the Highly Sensitive Introvert

I went to a holiday party last night. I’m not a party person, but I’m looking for part-time work, and every recruiter and guidance counselor I’ve ever met was jumping up and down in my head, urging me not to miss this opportunity to “network.” I carefully chose my outfit (festive but classy), and created a conversation-starter name tag.

In my imagination, I saw myself chatting and joking with each stranger standing near me, circulating through the room until every person there knew how witty and sharp I was. If they had an opening, they would immediately want to hire me. If not, they’d want to create one just to get me on their staff.

Where do I get these ideas? Continue reading